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Cookle is our own search tool for home cooks. You’ll probably also have a bunch of cooking books you hardly ever use, a treasure of great ideas and recipes. But what if you want to make a risotto? In what …

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Toddler Zoo

Toddler Zoo – Mix & Match is a funny and educational puzzle game for small children. They’ll learn about animals in a playful way. What they’re called and what sound they make. They can try to find an animal or …

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For Good

For Good monitors your consumption, tracks your mobility and enables you to actively work on a better planet. We focused on smooth animations and a clean yet functional design. Coming Soon.

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Chestnote makes messages matter again. It’s a great new way of communicating. Send notes and decide when or where notes can be opened! We’ve been working on all fronts on this one. We’ve designed the logo, decided on the general flow, …

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what we stand for

About Us

We are both passionate about what we do.

Packed with ambition, skill, experience and good intentions, we teamed up to create Next Apps.
We love to make great apps that meet our customers expectations.
From analysis to wireframe, from design to implementation.

At Next Apps we firmly believe that native apps are part of the future.
They evolve as we speak.

It’s an exciting time to work in this line of business.

If your company needs an app, your company also needs a mobile mindset.
Apps should have a very clear purpose. Since they are mobile and compact, they should be treated that way.

We are convinced that every business has at least one process that can be simplified with an app.

Next Apps would love to guide you in your next steps in mobile.


Wim Van Buynder

Technical Partner


Christophe Todts

Creative Partner


Louis D’hauwe

Mobile Developer


Sander Versluys

Mobile Developer

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