January 12, 2015


East Flanders For The Win!

Bryo Rookie 2014

In this year’s BRYO AWARDS 2014, 3 nominees hail from East-Flanders.

Nominated for BRYO ROOKIE 2014: Wim Van Buynder of Next Apps!

We got nominated for realising these projects in only 4 months time:
Pro-Dash, Calculedor, Stripapp, MyOpel, Swop, De Warmste App, AutoCheck

Nominated for BRYO CREATIVE HIGHLIGHT 2014: Sharon Duverger of Zonen09!
Check her out at Zonen09.

Nominated for FLANDERS FUTURE BRYO 2014: Siegert Dierickx of Multiminds!
Check him out at Multiminds!

Please take the time to register and vote for us at www.bryo-events.be

East Flanders For The Win!