If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
At Next Apps we go together.

Team Awesome

App developer Thijs
Android Developer

Thijs Coorevits

Team lead Bart
Team Lead

Bart De Baere

App developer Günther
Backend & Frontend Developer

Günther Debrauwer

UX/UI designer Brad
UI/UX Designer

Brad Goyvaerts

App developer Andrew
iOS Developer

Andrew Haentjens

App developer Dennis
Android & Frontend Developer

Dennis Noens

App developer Simon
iOS Developer

Simon Salomons

Managing partner Christophe

Christophe Todts

Managing partner Wim

Wim Van Buynder

App developer Glen
Android Developer

Glen Van Haver

Backend & Frontend Developer

Lee Van Hecke

App developer Robbe
iOS Developer

Robbe Vandecasteele

Managing partner Sander

Sander Versluys

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