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Give A Nudge

In search of a special gift (for birthday, wedding, anniversary, house move, Christmas, New Year, retirement,…) for friends or family? Why don’t you give them a pad on the back and give them The Challenge of the year! Using our …

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Mobo – aka Mobility Organiser – bridges the gap between car owners and their workshop / car dealer. It provides, among others, an instant dialog, up to date service indicators and the possibility to make an appointment at your workshop. …

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Parc is a safe, local, social network built around your kids’ friends. Share events, hobby’s and youth camps. See which friends already made plans for today and which are still available. Chat with other parents to meet up and agree …

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Accent.jobs, part of House Of HR, needed a fun and creative app to make applying for a job less a drag. Together with Accent we came up with Swop, a job swiping app, in the vein of Tinder. Easily browse …

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Peepl offers a bunch of tools to build a strong bond between community members and their managers. We’ve build an iOS app that offers the core Peepl features to their user base. If you run a service club, sports club, youth …

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Turn pieces and blend colours in this minimal yet visually stunning puzzler. Over 200 handcrafted and challenging levels. Features alternative colour schemes for all common colour deficiencies. A cooperation with award winning board game designer Dieter Stein. (www.spielstein.com) Original soundtrack …

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Chestnote makes messages matter again. It’s a great new way of communicating. Send notes and decide when or where notes can be opened! We’ve been working on all fronts on this one. We’ve designed the logo, decided on the general flow, …

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AutoNotify is a notification hub to optimize the internal workflow of car dealers. With its simple, yet effective interface, AutoNotify manages to make life easier in the car sector.

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Cookle is our own search tool for home cooks. You’ll probably also have a bunch of cooking books you hardly ever use, a treasure of great ideas and recipes. But what if you want to make a risotto? In what …

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Toddler Zoo

Toddler Zoo – Mix & Match is a funny and educational puzzle game for small children. They’ll learn about animals in a playful way. What they’re called and what sound they make. They can try to find an animal or …

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For Good

For Good monitors your consumption, tracks your mobility and enables you to actively work on a better planet. We focused on smooth animations and a clean yet functional design. Coming Soon.

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Doctor Soccer

Doctor Soccer is a fun game to play with friends while watching a soccer game. Pick a team to follow, predict the score and guess what actions might occur. Whether you’re playing for eternal fame, free beers or cold hard cash, …

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Stripmunk is our own cross platform application to manage comic book collections. Free of charge and available on iOs, Android and web. Smartphones and tablets. Available in the App Store Available on Google Play Available Online  

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Mighties is a guidance program which helps the troubled youngsters deal with their issues. It offers them a helping hand in finding a way out. The Mighties app is a tool to set their goals, log their feelings, plan their …

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De Warmste App

Send a Christmas card that really matters and support Studio Brussel’s Music For Life. The revenue generated from the app goes to CPZ. Turn a selfie or picture into warm greetings and mail them to friends or post them on Facebook …

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AutoCheck takes the burden of the administration away from mechanics, when a car is submitted to some vehicle checks. A double win: the app’s input is logged straight into the garage’s system and the mechanic can once again focus on …

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Stripapp is a Next Apps and Stripweb cooperation. It’s a platform for the comic book collector to control his/her collection. Add comics to a wishlist, flag them as read, rate them, keep track of who’s reading your comics, scan comics to …

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MyOpel, an iPhone app by AutoDialog and Opel, was in need of an update. We stripped it down and build it up from scratch, we did a complete UI redesign and refactored the entire client app. We turned it into an …

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Pro-Wash is a leading carwash manufacturer who focuses on self-carwashes. We’ve created an iPad dashboard app (Pro-Dash) for the carwash owner to monitor his plant. The app keeps track of the revenue per box, and notifies the owner when his carwash …

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We streamlined the workflow of Eco-distri, supplier of LED lighting, with an iPad app tailored to their sales department. Calculedor registers the light infrastructure of potential clients and provides a LED alternative on the spot.